The Party Wall Act 1996

The Act sets out the rights and obligations of property owners involved in the building of party structures or their repair and alteration, and also those concerned with excavation carried out within notifiable distances from buildings on adjoining land. The Act sets out procedures for notification of proposed work and the obligatory appointment of surveyors when disputes need to be resolved.

Typical examples of work that are likely to be covered by the Act Include:

  • Extensions that will affect the boundary to include excavations for foundations and new walls.

  • Work on an existing wall, ceiling or floor structure shared with another property.

  • Rights of Access to demolish or build new structures against a neighbouring line of junction involving excavations, hoarding or scaffold arrangements.

  • Repairs or removal of garden walls and outhouses.

  • Excavation within 3m of a neighbouring building or structure.

  • Removing or replacing chimney breasts and works to parapet walls.

  • Basement extensions - excavations close to and underpinning of party walls. 

Party Wall Procedures are shown in outline with the flow chart below:

Party Wall Process Flow Chart