Party Wall Services

Party Wall Services will provide impartial advice to the owners and occupiers to ensure that all parties rights and responsibilities are understood in compliance with the Party Wall Act. to enable home owners to carry out work on or next to a shared wall.

I can act as Party Wall Surveyor for either a building or an adjoining owner, or as agreed surveyor for both parties. This will enable works to be carried out by a building owner on or next to a shared wall, whilst also protecting the interests of the adjoining owner(s) or occupier(s). 


Notices of proposed works from the building owners are served with the relevant plans and documents providing a full description of the proposed works onto the adjoining owner(s) and occupier(s).

Schedules of Condition

Schedules of condition are detailed photographic and written records of the condition of an adjoining owner’s property prior to the works.

Awards and Agreements

In the event of a dispute arising following notices being served upon the adjoining owner(s) for any proposed works which will affect the boundary between neighbours. A Party wall agreement or Award is the document produced by two party wall surveyors, each acting on behalf of the respective owners, (or the ‘Agreed Surveyor’) a single surveyor mutually agreed to act for both of the respective owners.

The Award itself is a set of guidelines governing how the proposed works should progress, and will include a Schedule of Condition of the adjoining property, often supported by a set of photographs and drawings showing details of the proposed works.

The Award should clearly state the details of the two properties and their owners. It should also contain the details of the two surveyors and the selected third surveyor (or agreed surveyor)